On March 20th 2002 at 00:30 my mum was rushed into the John Radcliffe Hospital with acute myeloid leukaemia (aml). This is a journal of our fight against the disease and all things in between. What's written will sometimes be happy, sad, distressing, and occasionally mundane.

She was in remission until March 2004 when the disease relapsed. In July 04 she had a non-related bone marrow transplant. So far everything is going well and she has returned to full time work.


Originally mum was meant to trek The Great Wall Of China. However due to the leukaemia relapse I went instead. We raised £4124.40 for the Anthony Nolan trust. But that's only the beginning, in November I shall be trekking in the jungles and mountains of Mexico to raise money for the same charity.


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July 26, 2005 : Mum Update

Another clinic day tomorrow. She's off the anti-rejection drugs and doing well. She being treated for an underactive thyroid gland and she has to have blood taken out because of elevated iron content. But otherwise things are going pretty well.

Me? I have a 2" tear in my right calf that you can put your finger in.

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July 21, 2005 : Torn

So I pick up my new car on monday. The insurance is paid at an additional premium of £213 and the worst excuses for increasing the original quote I've ever heard (since when has a rear parking sensor been a risk?).

And I'm playing badminton and running backwards to hit the shit out of the shuttlecock when I feel an almighty twang in my right calf. Not a pull, not a strain but a twang like a bloody great elastic band being snapped. And I can hardly put any weight on my leg.

So I'm sitting in A & E. And two hours later my right leg is in plaster and I'm struggling on a slightly too short pair of crutches and then I'm being pushed out to my car in a standard issue 1950's wheelchair. They think I've only pulled a muscle but they also think I may have torn my Achille's Tendon, not ruptured just torn. I've never felt anything like that before and I've pulled plenty of muscles before. Today I have an ultrasound appointment to check my calf and see if it is torn. If it is then I've got something like six weeks in plaster ahead of me and a brand new car in the garage that I can't drive.


Listening to: 'Trojan X-rated Box Set' by various artists

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July 18, 2005 : Neglect

I realise that I've been neglecting this site. A number of things but mostly apathy have stopped me posting anything. That doesn't mean things haven't been going on.

Me and her are still going strong. This is actually moving into uncharted territory for me, it's the longest I've ever been with anyone. Ever. Strange but it's working.

I've kind of given up on the singing thing and moved on to a musical endeavour that I am in charge of myself. I'm now a gig promoter. The idea struck when I was at her place watching her daughter's boyfriend playing a gig. It struck me that this just didn't take place in Banbury and I saw the opportunity to put on some Oxford bands and throw a really good night.

The financial risk is all mine and if I'm lucky I'll break even. I can only charge £5 entry and the venue holds 100 bodies so my operating margin is £500. The venue hire is £150, I'm paying the bands £105 and I've got to hire a PA plus soundman. So it doesn't leave me far to go. I'd rather break even but I'm prepared to make a small loss. My first night is on September 10th and the lineup is The Walk Off, Sexy Breakfast and Suitable Case For Treatment topping it off. My second night is October 15th and the lineup is Harry Angel (90% sure), Fell City Girl and The Half Rabbits headlining. The venue is The Millers Bar at The Mill Arts Centre here in Banbury. So if you're local and reading this get yourself along and support the bands, the music and me. Jo is helping me get bands together because she knows so many people and due to that I've got a lot bands who've said they'll do it. This includes Big Speakers, Asher Dust, Blood Roses, The Evenings, The Thumb Quintet and I'm hoping to get The Young Knives and Dive Dive to play. I'd also like to get some local/South Warwickshire bands to play as well but we'll see.

I've also bitten the bullet and bought a new car. £14500 later I'm expecting my new, black Skoda Octavia VRS to be delivered this weekend. I can't wait. It's about time I did this and wtf? I can afford it.

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July 09, 2005 : Happy Anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of mum's transplant. In so many ways I can't believe that she, we, have made it this far. And she's still going strong. Sure there are low points but it's mostly all good. She goes to yoga, she sings and she is happy.

She marked the anniversary by spending all day at the Cornbury [music] Festival listening to the great, the good and friends who were playing there. And she had a fantastic time.

explained si @ 16:23