On March 20th 2002 at 00:30 my mum was rushed into the John Radcliffe Hospital with acute myeloid leukaemia (aml). This is a journal of our fight against the disease and all things in between. What's written will sometimes be happy, sad, distressing, and occasionally mundane.

She was in remission until March 2004 when the disease relapsed. In July 04 she had a non-related bone marrow transplant. So far everything is going well and she has returned to full time work.


Originally mum was meant to trek The Great Wall Of China. However due to the leukaemia relapse I went instead. We raised £4124.40 for the Anthony Nolan trust. But that's only the beginning, in November I shall be trekking in the jungles and mountains of Mexico to raise money for the same charity.


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October 26, 2005 : More Musical Goodness

November 19th:

Big Speakers
The Mascarpone Sidewinders
Nervous Testpilot

December 17th:

All You Miss

Venue: The Millers Bar, Mill Arts Centre, Banbury
Doors: 8pm
First Band: 8:30pm
Cost: £5
Bar til 11pm.

explained si @ 21:31

October 25, 2005 : Support This...

explained si @ 18:06

October 17, 2005 : It's Alive

Shit. I made it. Saturday night was make or break, really it was. I got burned so badly last time that I'd decided that I needed an acceptable loss where I would carry on or give up but I made a profit!!! I didn't break even over the two nights but I'm carrying on and I've got dates booked through to March next year.

And the gig? Well the gig was stunning, I mean it. All the bands were great and The Half Rabbits were the best I've seen them so far and I will be seeing them again. But Fell City Girl? Remember the name! FELL! CITY! GIRL! You will be seeing them again trust me. Big things are expected of them and I believe they will deliver. And the bands loved it. All of said they'd come back because the crowd were enthusiastic and appreciative.

Damn this could really be something!

explained si @ 18:35

October 10, 2005 : This Saturday

Who is coming to my gig? Well not my gig but the gig I am of course promoting in the name of music. Are you? Well are you?

Are you Liv?

Are you Kieran?

For only 5 of your English pounds you can see 3 of the very bands "indie" style "indie" bands (as we called them back in the day) including Fell City Girl who played at this year's Reading and Leeds festivals, The Half Rabbits who are superb and one of the best new bands in Oxford Harry Angel. And they're all a jolly nice bunch as well.

What more could you ask for on a saturday night in a pronvincial market town? Sure beats getting punched in the face by some pissed twat.

(Still) Listening to: "Twin Cinema" by The New Pornographers

explained si @ 19:43

October 03, 2005 : Arse

Finally Rik Mayall confirms what I've suspected all along, with this little rant he shows us what an arse he really is.

When was the last time Bottom was funny? Was it ever? For someone who has built a career on the back of playing the same character (The Young Ones, Bottom, Filthy Rich, Mr Jolly...all the same character really) over and over again he should thank the BBC for putting up with his one dimensional talent for so long. Personally I think he should join his old mate Ben Elton and fuck off to somewhere cold, dark and very far away.

explained si @ 20:41