On March 20th 2002 at 00:30 my mum was rushed into the John Radcliffe Hospital with acute myeloid leukaemia (aml). This is a journal of our fight against the disease and all things in between. What's written will sometimes be happy, sad, distressing, and occasionally mundane.

She was in remission until March 2004 when the disease relapsed. In July 04 she had a non-related bone marrow transplant. So far everything is going well and she has returned to full time work.


Originally mum was meant to trek The Great Wall Of China. However due to the leukaemia relapse I went instead. We raised £4124.40 for the Anthony Nolan trust. But that's only the beginning, in November I shall be trekking in the jungles and mountains of Mexico to raise money for the same charity.


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November 28, 2005 : Mum Update

All is good. In fact she'll be on her way back from Egypt right now. For the first in a very long time she has been able to go to a foreigh country, enjoy herself and forget about things for a while. She's been there for the last week helping a family friend celebrate his 50th birthday by cruising down the Nile on a boat. And I'm really pleased for her.

She doesn't have to go back to clinic for 3 months.

explained si @ 16:45

Still Here

Yes I am I promise you, well any if you that still read this. I've been caught up in things, I Am Giant things mostly but also girlfriend things and being a lazy arse things.

After the raoring success of the Fell City Girl night the last one was bit of a back to earth with a bump time. I got slaughtered on the cash money front. In all fairness it was always a risky line up and the situation wasn't helped by the fact that the Mascarpone Sidewinders dropped out of the gig at close to the very last minute. Luckily Joe Swarbrick of Sexy Breakfast fame steeped up and did an acoustic set for me. So in the end we had an acoustic indie act, a rave act and a hip hop collective. Nice and diverse I'm sure you'll agree. But musically it went really well again and at the end of it people were up and dancing.

But it cost me. Big.

After a few days of feeling really sorry for myself I've decided to do the next one but it could very well be the last one too. It's xmas and we're going to Amsterdam for my birthday in the new year. So money will be tight and even worse if things go as badly as last time.

Oh well at least I've tried.

explained si @ 16:33

November 06, 2005 : Harry Angel & I Am Giant pics

A big congratulations to Harry Angel for getting through to play a "huge" Children In Need concert at Brize Norton airbase. They have been chosen by part public vote to represent the local (Oxford) music scene alongside Fell City Girl who got through without a vote and someone else. Best of all they get to support Girls Aloud and some people who may have talent. And comiserations to Big Speakers who lost out in the same vote.

Best of all they've either played at my night or will be. Speaking of which the website has been completely revamped and I'm especially pleased with the gallery section. So have a look and let me know what you think.

explained si @ 22:22